Memento Mori

by Corita

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Recorded and mixed by Joel Hamburger at Gödelstring, Brooklyn, NY.
Produced by Corita and Joel Hamburger.
Cover artwork by Eve Badía.


released April 1, 2011

Corita is:
Aileen - Bass and Vocals
Marisha - Guitar and Vocals
Eleanor - Guitar and Vocals
Nick - Drums



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Corita Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn-based Corita delivers the shimmery guitars of UK shoegaze, the jangly melodies of C86, creeping angular post-punk rhythms, and overdriven choruses that hark back to 1990s indie rock overlaid with three-girl vocal harmonies. As a band Corita is the shared vision of four close friends who imagine music as a conduit to a more fulfilling everyday reality. ... more

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Track Name: Degrees of Freedom
I'm on a train
to somewhere with no name
finding myself at the beginning again

And I'm out here and I'm out on my own
and I can't read maps don't lead me home
and I'm off the chart, can't calculate
and it's two weeks to get through

Maps, graphs and planes, worked so hard
nothing's changed
left home to find I'm alone with myself

Subtract one to get your sample size
and I can't find letters that arrive
telephone calls don't go through
too many deviations from you

Planned it out so carefully
and I brought graphs to calculate z and t
and the margin of error is too wide
and you fail to reject me
and I opened up to the unknown
and the journey is wasted and overblown
Track Name: When Your Compass Fails
Stuck under blinding sun
walking by dry bones
the desert wears no clothes
I see mirages of home

Red sky
sailor's delight

On this lonely boat
ship wrecked but afloat
shipmates cast away
may I rue this day

Red sky
sailor's delight

Came to say good bye, you won't meet my eye
you won't even say hi
passed out in the snow, in the freezing cold
passed out in the snow, I've got nowhere to go
red sky at night, sailor's delight
red sky in morning, take warning
one if by land, two if by sea
you won't even come to see me

Red sky
sailor's delight

Streets are filled with snow
I can't find my way home
ice covers the streets
I admit defeat
Track Name: Remember That You Will Die
Memento mori
in all things, vanity

Remember, you will die

Life is fleeting and you will die
loose your attachment to material things
soon you will end up like me
dust and worms and vile flesh

Memento mori
in all things, vanity
Track Name: Clouds
Last night I saw the clouds
they were pink and blue
last night I saw the clouds
they remind me of you

So dark, so far
so high, so far

Flying above the clouds
deep, deep, deep blue
lost in the sky
far, far, far from you

So dark, so far
so high, so far
Track Name: Quadruple Witching Expiration
Running numbers, cooking books
build an empire on false wealth
blurring margins, bundling debt
world economy don't mean shit

Draw them in with your schemes
bankrupt the pension plan
unemployment ten percent
take another bonus

Build a house on false loans
be surprised when in tumbles down
vacation homes, private jets
more than triple national debt

Will you be surprised when the market falls from the sky
what will you do when the people see right through

Will you be surprised when your money becomes a lie
what will you do when the people see right through

Algorithms broken down
indicators expire
I'd run away, I'd run away